Brussels Airport Departures

Leaving from Brussels through Brussels Airport and need to get live updates on the Brussels Airport flight departures information?

Find the latest status info for flights departing Brussels, updated every minute. Use the buttons on this web page for Brussels Airport departure times and information.

Brussels Airport Departures

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Flight Arrivals to Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport located in Brussels, Belgium is constantly serving many airlines and flight departures to many cities across the world.

Use the buttons on this webpage below to get live Brussels Airport (BRU) departures times information, direct from the Brussels International Airport.

Can I use Uber from Brussels Airport, Brussels or not?

Want to know if you can get an Uber from Brussels Airport instead of a taxi or public transport?

Its recommended that you have a look at the Brussels Airport Airport Website to check this.

Does Brussels Airport have a smoking area for smokers?

Many domestic and international airports have designated outdoor areas for smokers.

Its wise to check out the Brussels Airport Airport Website to find out before getting there.